Safety Excellence in a New Landscape

As I sit here on this cold snowy spring day in Colorado, I am looking out my patio door thinking back to a not so distant day of lounging in the warm Florida sun. The virus loomed outside our borders then. It is here now, and our personal and professional lives have certainly changed. As we sit and think about how rapidly everything is taking place, the future is developing just as quickly as the virus that brought us here in the first place. The actions we take today to get ahead and influence that future could be the difference between prosperity and failure.

As an Occupational Safety and Health professional I have been watching in awe as many strategic plans have been put on hold or eliminated altogether. As crisis gripped society organizational leaders went into survival mode and turned in on themselves. It is time now to take a deep breath, tweak those strategic plans, and double down on achieving them to come out ahead of the competition. Organizational focus on health, safety, and employee wellness will be critical to achieving sustained excellence and distinguishing world class leaders.

Some of the